Using Cyprus As A Strategic Offshore Tax Haven

After its accession to the European Union in 2004, Cyprus has dismantled most of its investment restrictions making it a very favorable ground for foreign investors. Taking advantage of the tax benefits and investment opportunities found in the region, many international investors have considered the cyprus company formation. Cyprus ranks as among the world leaders in attracting direct foreign investments with the flat corporate taxes imposed on the profits gained on the investments, Cyprus maintains its position as the lowest tax rate in the European Region. This provides a very profitable opportunity for foreign investments to continue with the Cyprus company formation making Cyprus at a competitive advantage as the business hub of Europe.

cyprus as a tax haven

Higher taxes eat into the company’s profits and it has always been good business sense to look for an investment opportunity where taxes are not oppressive. The matter of tax reduction becomes more interesting when international trading companies are concerned. One of the best jurisdictions is Cyprus with the investment benefits and tax rates for long term viability for business companies. The corporate tax rate of Cyprus at 10% is the lowest in the European jurisdiction making it the ideal environment for the Cyprus company formation. Because of its tax advantages Cyprus is recognized as the best investor friendly tax system in the whole of the European Union.

Cyprus is the ideal place to operate the international trading company from in order to take advantage of the low tax rates. When the economic crisis swept through Europe, many investors feared that Cyprus will modify the tax rates and reduce the investment benefits provided for foreign investors but, all the concerns were wrong since Cyprus has maintained its competitive advantage by continuing on being the offshore tax haven. With the tax advantages, it has become an obvious incentive for the Cyprus company formation.

Another incentive is the corporate structuring that is very beneficial for trading companies to save on the substantial amount of taxes. Cyprus offers your business the advantage of the strategic proximity to other industrial and trade hubs in the European continent including the favorable tax treaties that have been signed with other countries.

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Vacuum Those Ants – Don’t Let Them Ruin Your Summer!

vacuum antsA happy summer can easily be turned sour by ants-black ants, red ants, fire ants – you name them. Luckily, there are effective ways to get rid of these horrific pests. The trick lies in identifying the particular kind of ant that is making you miserable and taking the appropriate action to keep it far from your home and the ones you love.

The following advice will help you to safely keep them away:

  • Find out exactly why they are entering your house or compound. Mostly it is because of food, water or housing. Eliminate everything they usually come looking for or they need to survive.
  • Clean up immediately after meals and take out all the trash out of your home. The only way to effectively get rid of these nuisances is to create an ant-proof habitat.
  • Shift outdoor trash and the recycle bin as far from your house as possible.
  • Wrap leftovers tightly before storing them.
  • Make sure to refrigerate perishable foods especially during summer. It is during this time that fruits and vegetables tend to spoil quickly.
  • Get rid of any standing water because ants get thirsty and often look for water.
  • Seal any cracks. 100% silicon caulk is usually a lesser toxic option.
  • To stop them from moving in, sprinkle borax, dried peppermint, paprika and powdered red chili pepper along pathways, cracks and near entryways.
  • Eradicate white flies, mealy bugs and aphids from your garden. These insects feed on sap and excrete honeydew which is sugary and therefore a great favorite for ants.
  • If they have taken over your plants and trees, paint or spray sticky tangle foot product barriers on your plants/tress to keep them from climbing them to feed.
  • Make your own liquid bait by preparing a mixture of 1tsp of boric acid to 2 ½ fluid oz. of corn syrup or honey. Heat this mixture until the boric acid has dissolved. Using an eyedropper, add in equal amounts of water and your solution to spread in and on places that the insects visit frequently for two weeks or so. The ants will take the mixture for food and feed it to the rest of the colony, including the queen. As soon as the queen dies, the rest of the colony will die eventually.
  • You can also create your own natural repellent by blending citrus peelings and water and pouring it over the anthill.
  • Drown them with boiling water. Pour the water into the cracks and directly over their mounds.
  • Mix a good amount of dawn dish soap with water and fill an empty spray bottle with this mixture. Spray the ants to kill them immediately you see them roaming around.

If the ants have already entered your home, spray them with an insecticide. This might be toxic but will kill them immediately. Another option would be to vacuum them using a strong machine. Ask your friends to recommend a good machine or hit the internet and do your research on sites like this for the best vacuum cleaners available.

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What Home Cleaning Item Is Booming Right Now?

best steam mop reviewsSteam mops have transformed the art of cleaning in the last couple of years. Floor washing has become easier and more detailed, which is why people are speedily abandoning the conventional mop. They might be a bit expensive when compared to the bucket mop, but they have proved their convenience and performance.

A single-function steam mop comes in two styles, one –sided cleaning and double-sided cleaning, where the user can flip the head over and continue cleaning using the other side of the cleaning cloth. Most people prefer the two-sided one because it eliminates the need to keep unplugging the machine just to change the cloth. While each brand may vary in design, most of them are similar or almost similar when it comes to operation and care.

The dual-function steam mop comes with a secondary function which can either be a scrubbing feature or a sweeping feature. Unlike what many people believe, a mop might be electric, but not necessarily be a steamer. While they are some steam mops that are a bit bulky and therefore difficult to push, there are some excellent brands that are quite light and therefore maneuverable.

Shopping around the various steam mop reviews for steam cleaners for your home can be a bit tricky but the features can help determine the perfect fit for anyone. For example, it is obvious that a machine with a secondary function will weigh more than a single function one. A bulky design is also likely to weigh more.

The position of the water tank and its size too can affect handling. A removable water tank will make filling simple and trouble free but a fixed tank can also be filled easily with a faucet that has an extendable spout such as the kitchen faucet reviews found at this website.

Before settling for a particular model, examine it thoroughly so as to be sure of the accessories and features that come with it. Many models have swivels heads, but not all. A swivel head enables the mop to reach corners and other hard-to-reach areas quite easily.

Some steam mop manufacturers display the strength or the intensity of steam and wattage on their products specs, but not all manufacturers do this which makes it difficult for shoppers to compare the models. Shoppers who are looking to sanitize should go for very hot steam, a machine with a higher wattage works better in such cases.

While the majority may have the ability to eject very hot steam, it is how the steam is generated that matters. Full steam coverage may help in performance. There are models that eject the steam as they clean while others are equipped with a trigger to control the steam.

Other than power and steam, there are other features to look out for like the manner in which the mop cloths attach. A good cloth should be thick, durable, absorbent and easy-to-attach. A longer cord is also better than a shorter one and the head shape matters too since it determines how well the mop will clean larger areas and corners and crevices.

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What’s the HCG Diet Plan Food List?

hcg diet plan food listThe HCG diet food list can at times be challenging and confusing for some people to comprehend. It becomes even more difficult when you have to augment your meal plans with HCG diet drops, supplements and tablets.

There are different types of foods in the world and each differs from the other in terms of protein, vitamin, starch and carbohydrates content. Still, there are also foods that contain multiple nutrients.

When using HCG diet meal plan to lose weight, there are certain foods that you need to avoid. Foods rich in sugar and starch are not recommended. The HCG meal plan also discourages users from eating foods with fat. Besides limiting you to the types of foods that you can eat, HCG diet foods restrict the amount you can consume. Generally, you should not consume more than 500 to 700 calories a day from eating all of your meals.

Does Dr Simeons HCG Diet Comprise of Tasty Foods?

One of the reasons why most people find it hard to follow a particular diet regimen is because the foods are dull. To safeguard against boredom, the HCG diet food list contains seasonings you can use while preparing food. Examples of seasonings you can use include garlic, mustard powder, lemon juice, pepper, vinegar and salt. If you decide to take on Dr. Simeon’s weight loss program you will need to begin by carefully plan your list of food for the hcg diet.

HCG Diet Food List – What Types of Proteins Can You Eat?

Proteins are the most crucial food components within the HCG diet plan. Most of the calorie intakes are derived from proteins. The types of proteins you are allowed to eat include, crab, veal, shrimp, chicken breast, fish and beef. These types of proteins are recommended because they are lean. Still, you need to remove all excess fats from your meat before preparation.

A lot of emphases is placed on proteins because they are essential in repairing and restoring damaged cells and tissues. Plus, your meal cannot be complete without including proteins. The amount of proteins you can eat at any given time should be restricted to 100 grams.

Besides repairing and restoring damaged cells and tissues, proteins are useful in creating antibodies. Antibodies are essential in safeguarding the body against diseases.

HCG Diet Food List – What Types of Vegetables Can You Eat?

The HCG diet food list obviously allows for the consumption of vegetables. The types of vegetables you can have in your HCG diet meal plan include cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, onions, beet, asparagus, green bell chilly, basil leaves, cilantro, red radishes and green beans. The HCG diet food list phase 2 discourages users from blending these vegetables.

What Types of Beverages Can You Take?

All meal plans recommends at least 8 glasses of water per day. This is equivalent to 1 gallon of water. Fluids such as water, coffee and tea are designed to keep hydrated. When taking coffee or tea, do not add sugar and try to avoid milk.

The HCG diet food list does not include carbonated drinks and juices. This is because these beverages are rich in sugar and starch. Water is usually recommended because it helps in getting rid of body fat.

Before embarking on Dr Simeons HCG diet, it is highly recommended that you consult a doctor or nutritionist.

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Profession Carpet Cleaning – Why Use Them?

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service can certainly incur a cost so is it really worth the investment? Or can you simply get by yourself by just doing a home job on the weekend? I have to say that my personal opinion is that spending the money on a professional service is well worth the effort and the result will be much better and will last much longer.

After recently employing the services of a carpet cleaning company in Naperville IL located here I learned the real benefits of using a professional steam cleaning service like this instead of just trying to hack it myself. After talking to the owner for a while I came to realize that when you clean your carpet, unless you actually remove the chemicals and water that your pump into the carpet you really are not doing any good. Even by hiring the cheap carpet steam cleaners from your local supermarket you are not really removing the deep stains.

carpet cleaningCarpet cleaners invest tens of thousands of dollars into expensive truck mounted hot water extraction systems so how on earth can you expect to get the same result by hiring a cheap system for a few dollars per day? The answer is that you can’t and you won’t. All that will happen is that you will drive the dirt down deeper and deeper into the fibers and eventually these fibers will start to perish as a result of all the dirt and dust embedded deep down.

The only real way to do a proper job is to get the right gear and the right chemicals. The systems that the guys at Carpet Cleaning Pros use actually pumps hot water and chemical into the carpet and then sucks it out leaving the surface of the carpet almost entirely;y dry. This not only removed the deep down dirt but also ensure the fibers of your carpet do not perish fro being wet for long periods of time.

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Medical Tourism

With the rising costs of medical treatment in the United States many people are looking to explore other avenues to get medical treatment and this has lead to an explosion in the medical tourism industry. With medical tourism, you not only get the treatment you were looking for in the first place, but you also get to have an awesome holiday at the same time. There are a number of location in the world that people travel to so they can experience the befit of cheaper medical treatment but one of the main countries people go to is Mexico, which is largely due to its close proximity to the Unites States and lower costs.

medical tourismThe main benefit of traveling abroad for the purpose of getting specific medical treatment is not only that the cost is much lower, but that you can have access to the a better quality of surgeon or dentist. If you are shopping around for lets say, dental work in your home country your decision on which medical professional to go with will be largely effected by price and you may find yourself going with a less experienced doctor or dentist just because you cant afford to pay for top quality. This issue however, is totally non existent when you travel to Mexico for medical work, as you can choose the highest quality medical professionals at a fraction of the cost.

So if you are thinking about getting some cosmetic work done, or even some sort of medical treatment that you really need it is well worth considering medical tourism as the benefits largely outweigh the negatives. You can take a break in a beautiful location such as Mexico while saving a large amount of money and also accessing the highest quality of doctors or dentists. There is no reason that anyone should feel the need to spends thousands of extra dollars just to receive treatment in their native county any longer.

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